Cowes Golf Club

Holden Scramble Final

Team Phillip Island has returned from the Sunshine Coast after competing in the Holden Scramble Championship Final. The team set off early Friday 18 May and competed over four days of golf.

With the lowest handicap in the field the boys had their work cut out for them. The golf didn’t go exactly to plan and finishing up in the bottom half of the draw but we have to think of the awesome effort to get there. Over 9,000 teams from across Australia entered the Scramble so to make it to the final 30 teams to compete is an achievement in itself!

The boys have said that it was an awesome weekend of events, golf and maybe, just maybe, a few too many beverages. They enjoyed fabulous entertainment and I have been told “robbed of the best dressed prize on the themed night”. All have said it was like being apart of a professional tournament and an experience they will cherish forever.

Thank you goes to our Club Pro Marcus for helping them get there and being apart of it for PIGC. Allora Golf Club won the main event with a 3 round total of 150.3 nett. That is a score of 65.7 under over 3 rounds which is amazing ambrose golf on a very tough course. The boys had a handicap of 4.5 so need to shoot 18 under everyday off the stick to be in the hunt. A big ask! A couple of pics from the themed night and from what I have been told by Adrian is a pic of a putt that was 50 foot away that he nailed on the Sunday. Well done again and let’s all get behind this season’s Scramble Event so PIGC can make the Championship Final again.