Cowes Golf Club

Covid-19 latest update 30/3/2020 From the Chairman

Dear members, as of 5.00 pm today 30/03/2020 The Phillip Island Golf Club will close the course until 13/04/2020.

Following a Board meeting and recommendations from Golf Australia, we are closing the course. We understand that this is a measure to stop unnecessary travel (stay at home) policy.

I urge all members to support the club by doing the right thing, of course if you wish to walk and get some fresh air then this is allowed, however two people maximum, and you should reside with that person.

I ask the members and the board members not to get involved in policing matters, as this will be dealt with by authorities if needed.

Our Treasurer John O’Brien has done some forecasting on our financials and we are in a somewhat better position than we were last year, so we will survive.

We have cut all expenditure to a full approval process, we are watching everything, so rest assured you are in great hands.

We have had to make staff cuts; hours have been scaled back and casuals have been stood down for the duration and we will see them back as soon as we get to the other side.

Dan has been put on annual leave, whilst Bruce and Rob will keep the course up to standard.

I have had the pleasure to lead this great club and work with an awesome board that are united in decisions, I speak to all of them regularly and our mantra is: “what would the members want?” so thank you to all, in these trying times, also our staff who put the club first.

Mark Jamieson