Cowes Golf Club

2019 70th Annual June Tournament

19906 PIGC June Tournament Entry
PIGC Entry form 2019

PIGC Tournament History, Incl JT

As we know the Cowes Golf Club (9 holes) was originally designed and constructed following the land being purchased in 1947 by Arthur Jones, the then owner of the Continental Guest house. (FACT).

The South Gippsland District Golf Association (SGDGA) originated in 1958. (FACT).

Sometime following 1958 they allowed all registered clubs to organise two tournaments a year. As Cowes was a holiday destination it was decided to have a June Tournament over the Queens birthday weekend and a November Tournament over the Melbourne Cup weekend. We know from current life members that Tom Beaton was the first tournament manager at Cowes G.C who was Captain in 1968 & 69, and President from 1972-1974. (FACT).

During the Captaincy of Peter Hiam in 1975 & 76 it was decided that the November Tournament would cease, citing the fact of dwindling responses. (FACT).

We know from our existing Tournament Brochure that 2019 is our 70th Annual Tournament. (FACT), not neccessarily our 70th JT.

The following numbers are assumptions and not facts. If the Melbourne Cup Tournament was removed in 1995/96 then there has only been one per year since, which this year could be number 24. This means that 46 must be prior to 1996, at 2 per year means 23 years. Assuming no years were missed the start of  the tournaments were 1972/1973. This would coincide with the presidency of Tom Beaton.

Other info found whilst accessing old SGDGA website.

Cowes members that have been President of the association.

1964-66 Will McLardy, 1980-81 H.Searle, 1999-2001 Jim Groves

Vice Presidents, 1963-64 Will McLardy, 1977-79 Jock McKechnie, 1997-99 Jim Groves, 2015-17 Phil Ellard (PIGC). In 2018 the SGDGA amalgamated with the South Gippsland Ladies Golf section to form the new South Gippsland Golf Inc. (SGGI).